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Why is it worth saving with PPK?

PPK is an attractive programme because you are not saving alone

Your private savings are additionally contributed to by your employer (with the minimum amount of 1.5% of your salary) and the state (PLN 250 as a welcome contribution and PLN 240 in additional annual contribution). These contributions are sent to your personal PPK account, which you can access at any time. You can monitor your balance and withdraw the funds accumulated in your PPK account.

Five benefits of saving with PPK:

You have additional funds

The scheme allows you to accumulate funds for when you stop being professionally active. You can also withdraw the funds to cover your own contribution when taking out a mortgage to purchase an apartment, a house or a plot of land. The funds can also be put to use if you, your spouse or your child becomes seriously ill. The funds accumulated in the PPK account can be withdrawn at any time without having to give a reason. It is certainly worthwhile to enjoy financial security in the event of unforeseen situations.

Your savings are private and can be inherited

Your PPK savings are private, and you decide when you want to use them. By allowing you to continuously grow your savings, the programme provides you with effective security for the future. Your funds can be inherited. You decide who will receive them. 

You can gain material profits

A significant advantage of saving with Employee Capital Plans is the possibility regular growth of profits. Your savings are contributed to by the employer and the state but the financial institution invests the contributions paid. PPK participants gained between 80% and 122% in 2020 (the difference between what the employee has financed and contributions from the employer, state and generated profits). The PPK programme is probably the most cost-effective savings scheme available. Moreover, PPK participants earning up to 1.2 times the minimum wage per month can reduce their basic  contribution to 0.5%. Your employer will then be paying at least 3 times more into your PPK account than you will!

Employee contribution

2% of salary + up to 2% voluntarily

Employer contribution

1.5% of salary + up to 2.5% voluntarily

State contribution

PLN 250 as a welcome contribution + PLN 240 every year

The employee’s PPK account

Managed by a financial institution selected in your company

You always have access to your funds

You can check the balance of your savings in your personal PPK account at any time. You can also make withdrawals from the account, change the method in which the funds are invested and specify the person authorised to inherit the funds.

Your funds are in good hands

The accumulated capital is managed by financial institutions which meet strict criteria. You put away your savings in a target date fund that automatically adapts its investment policy to your age. The costs of managing the money in your account are also very low and cannot exceed 0.6% of the fund's net asset value per year.

An employee who opts out of PPK forgoes employer contributions, additional contributions from the state and profits that the funds accumulated in the PPK account could be earning. It is like giving up on a pay rise!