When can you use your savings? — oficjalny portal Pracowniczych Planów Kapitałowych PPK

When can you use your savings?

A PPK Participant may:

Without having to provide reasons, request the return of the funds accumulated in their PPK account before the age of 60.

Withdraw up to 25% of the funds accumulated in the PPK account in the event of a serious illness – of the participant, their child or spouse.

Withdraw up to 100% of the funds accumulated in the PPK account to cover own contribution when taking out a mortgage.

Withdraw the funds after reaching the age of 60 as a one-time withdrawal or in instalments.

A PPK participant does not have to withdraw their funds after the age of 60 and instead can continue to save. However, if withdrawals are initiated, the PPK participant’s account will no longer be credited with employer contributions and additional contributions from the state.

Return of funds before the age of 60

A PPK participant can withdraw the money accumulated in their PPK account at any time – also before reaching the age of 60. The return of funds is made at the request of the PPK participant who submits it to a financial institution.

The employee will receive the savings accumulated, less:


the capital gains tax


30% of funds coming from the employer’s contributions – information about the 30% collected will be recorded in the account of the insured person at the ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) as the employee’s retirement pension insurance contribution


the additional contributions from the state

The return of funds does not equal a resignation from Employee Capital Plans. Your account will continue to be credited with your employer’s contributions and contributions from the state.